The Global object is automatically created before the program enters any execution context. The properties and functions listed below are available to your JavaScript programs in the global scope. Most of the other built-in objects are constructor properties of the global object.


Infinity – represents a numeric value higher/lower than any other.

NaN – return value when trying to parse non-numeric values as numbers.

null – assign no initial value where the script might expect one.

undefined – return value for undefined values or properties.


eval() – interpret a string as executable code.

isFinite() – determine whether a number is finite or not.

parseFloat() – parse a string as a floating point number.

parseInt() – parse a string as an integer.

decodeURI() – decode a URI converted by encodeURI().

decodeURIComponent() – decode a URI converted by encodeURIComponent().

encodeURI() – encode a URI’s undesirable symbols.

encodeURIComponent() – encode most of a URI’s symbols.


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