What is PHP?

PHP is an acronym for “Hypertext Preprocessor“. It is an easy-to-use dynamic server-side scripting language that allows an author to create simple to complex mechanisms for the web and beyond. Any existing HTML file can be turned into a PHP file(made dynamic) and PHP script will run anywhere inside of it. Authors can also write PHP files that do not render output to the browser, but instead the scripts perform hidden application logic on the back end of their applications. PHP can work in tandem with other technologies when authors establish data transmission to and from other technologies. A connection to a database technology adds essential data storage options that authors need to build certain software. On the client side a simple ajax request opens up all of PHP’s functionality to a JavaScript application in real time. PHP can run alongside Python, CURL, Perl, Ruby and form other useful relationships that extend its utility.

PHP Testing and Deployment Environment Options

Authors can test locally by setting up a PHP friendly web server on their computer. Many different software titles exist that make setting up a PHP server on a personal computer very easy. Authors may also test on a live web server online where PHP is most likely installed and ready by default.


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