JavaScript is an object-oriented prototype based programming language primarily used for web scripting. Along with HTML and CSS, it is an essential component of modern web development. It enables application programming in browser software through the handling of objects and events associated with those objects. Objects can be thought of as real world objects that have characteristics and can perform actions. It is important to study all of the built-in objects. Advanced authors can create their own objects which extends the language to cover specific programming tasks in a modular reusable way.


Similarity to Other Programming Languages


JavaScript sports features that are common to most programming languages. If you come from a programming background, JavaScript should be easy for you to master quickly. Its variables, strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, loops, conditions, classes, objects, etc… are common concepts in other programming languages like C, Java, PHP and many more.


ECMAscript Core


JavaScript is built on top of the ECMAScript object-oriented general purpose programming language. JavaScript provides more features to the ECMAscript core. ECMAScript is also the backbone of other client-side programming languages that cater to other specific development environments. For instance the programming language for the Flash authoring environment is ActionScript, which is also built on top of ECMAscript. If you master JavaScript, you will also have some instant skills using ActionScript 3.0, and vice versa. The same goes for all ECMAscript based implementations.


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